Domaine Gitton

Today Domain Gitton is run by Pascal, his wife Denise and their daughter Chanel. 

It's origins lie with Pascal's Grandmother who had a few vines to make wine to sell in her shop and bar. Pascal's father assiduously bought vineyard plots to build it to today's 33 hectares. A substantial part is on silex soils that were traditionally shunned by some growers because they were hard to plant. Today such terroir is valued for producing exceptional wines.

The average age of the vines is approaching 50 years - giving the potentiel for flavoursome wines.  Grapes from each vineyard are vinified apart to maintain the individuality of each wine. Some wines are fermented in large (600 litre) oak barrels, others in stainless steel. Winemaking is "low intervention" in style. Fermentation is by natural indigenous yeasts, not the cultured yeasts favoured by most producers. The wine is left to mature in tank or barrel to mature slowly before bottling.

The age of the vines and winemaking style produces exceptional wines with rich complex flavours. A traditional rather than modern style of Sancerre that we love.

Different terroirs, and a map of the Gitton parcels.