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The very best French wines are made by individual producers crafting wines in small quantities. Few of these are available in Great Britain. We will bring some of these wines to you.
Our aim is to share with you the artisan wines we have discovered during our travels in France. For 18 years I worked for France’s largest exporter of wine, establishing it in the UK. I spent a lot of time in France, getting to know the different regions. 
Small producers work the land themselves and know if a particular parcel of vines is exceptional. They can choose to pick at the time they think is best  and make the wine exactly as they want. Most of the wines available on this site are made in very limited quantities - 2 to 5,000 bottles . Many of them are fermented or matured in oak barrels. All are nurtured by winemakers who grow their own grapes and are passionate about making great wine. The result can be seen in your glass. 
We have personally visited the winery of every grower whose wines we bring to market (and many others). Many of them are surprisingly young. All of them share a passion for making great wine and protecting the environment. Some are certified organic, all work to apply sustainable techniques. 
We hope you will enjoy the wines we have discovered. Please tell us. Feedback (good or bad) will help us develop the range further in the future.  
This is what The Wine Gang had to say about us
"Tim & Jill North are amongst the new breed of small, independent wine merchant harnassing the power of the Internet for their very personal business........ We were delighted by the quality and authenticity here"
You can contact us by mail or call 01962 622067
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