Climate Change & Wine

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I was due to present a tasting at The Oxford Wine Festival showing how climate change is affecting French wines. As this is not possible now I have put together a case and video to give you a flavour of what I would have presented.

Climate change is undoubtedly having an effect, but it hasn't affected all wines - yet. In some cases it has actually improved them!

In this case we have a Muscadet. This shows how in a coastal region a northerly climate is still producing crisp fresh wines even in hot vintages, such as 2018 and 2019. Further in-land the 2018 especially produced some atypical wines without the freshness you expect - we can't show these because we chose not to buy them!

There is a White  from the very sunny far south of France. Richer in style, but here the old vines, with deep roots are surviving a warmer climate, and a white from Burgundy,where styles are definitely evolving, becoming richer and fuller.

There is a Loire red - where climate change is making wines better, and two reds from the deep South. The grape varieties here can cope with heat. One is a blend of classic Southern grapes, the other made from 100 year old Carignan.

The video below explains the wines in more detail.

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